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Beyond LED Technology is a global leader in cutting -LED technology. We specialize in the retail and wholesale distribution of LED displays and lighting for all applications. We offer the most complete line of indoor and outdoor LED message centers and a broad range of residential and commercial LED lighting available at the best prices.

Beyond LED offers high quality products at affordable prices that are supported by our dependable service. Our goal is to provide our customers with more than they expect when receiving our products and services.

 We work to give services to our customers worldwide. Beyond LED can take on any project, regardless of size. From customer specifications we can specify, design and manufacture all types of built to order LED product – from lights to huge-scale displays.


  • Mark Smith, Dollar Store, South Carolina says:

    Our new LED lights are amazing!!! It brightened up our store significantly and doesn’t generate as much heat (which is nice when you have to stand under them for an extended period of time). This is the best I have seen our store looking ever! I found it made the biggest difference on our racks and feature walls where I found it was dim and made the walls unappealing to shop (ALL light have been re-staged to light up any and all surrounding displays)….I can definitely say the lights have made a huge difference in the appearance of our store and I think it was an excellent investment. I believe eventually all stores can benefit from the LED lights

  • Mr. Patel, Days Inn says:

    These lights make a HUGE difference.  I mean HUGE difference!  This is exactly what we needed.  We will have a big chance to save money just because of how long these bulbs last.  We won’t have to rent lifts just to change bulbs and ballasts so often. Excuse the pun but these lights really do make the difference of night and day. 

  • John Westminster says:

    It was very informative talking to you earlier today and I am grateful for the information – and saving me money. I must compliment you and your organisation for your efficiency and professionalism.

  • Saleem Kabani says:

    "I would just like to take a moment and thank you for your wonderful service. I also want to say how beautiful it looks; It looks exactly like a computer screen. I can display pictures, Graphics and even full videos. I will continue to use and promote your business in any way I can. Beautiful and Amazing Sign. Thanks again."

  • Mr. Arif, Dillard GA says:

    Since opening, our utility bills have continued to increase every month up to $2000. Now with the new LED lamps, I am amazed to see that my bill actually went down! Since the new LEDs have been installed, it remains around $1500 each month. The LEDs do make our jewelry pop! I would have never believed it, but we are actually selling more because of the new LED lights. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all the help and guidance.

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