About Us

Beyond LED Technology is a global leader in cutting -LED technology. We specialize in the retail and wholesale distribution of LED displays and lighting for all applications. We offer the most complete line of indoor and outdoor LED message centers and a broad range of residential and commercial LED lighting available at the best prices.

Beyond LED offers high quality products at affordable prices that are supported by our dependable service. Our goal is to provide our customers with more than they expect when receiving our products and services.

 We work to give services to our customers worldwide. Beyond LED can take on any project, regardless of size. From customer specifications we can specify, design and manufacture all types of built to order LED product – from lights to huge-scale displays.


  • rfrazier, Pioneer Lighting Inc. says:

    "Right now, the market is very open to new LED business now.  It is good to be able to offer clients products that will reduce their energy by half.  Many of the customers are spending thousands of dollars a month on electricity.  They get very excited at the concept of cutting that expense in half.  A good example is an office park owner replaced all of his 420W HID flood lights with lights my company installed for him.  I used the 210W flood lights from Beyond.  Not only did he cut his usage in half but the flood lights were twice as bright."

  • kthompson, Broadway National Sign and Lighting says:

    "My company does a lot of retrofitting in parking lots.  It is great to install a product like Beyond's Retrofit Kit.  I have seen kits like this on the market but the greatest wattage I've seen was 135 watts.   It is good to have the flexibility to be able to install a retrofit kit with a wattage as high as 240W."


  • jcampbell, Metropolitan LED Signs says:

    "With LED Modules, the brighter the better.  In most cases you can find them in the range of 6500K.  With Beyond's LED Modules, my customers really attract attention from the street.  The modules I get for my customers from Beyond LED have a color temperature of (an unheard of) 13000K."


  • frankking, LEDgend Lighting says:

    "I am a lighting designer that is always looking for new and innovative products I can "Wow" my customers with.  Although I have seen the LED panel lights before I never saw them presented like Beyond LED presented them.  It will be great to offer my customers flat panel lights that can dim by changing color temperatures.  These dimmers have such a broad range from 3000K to 6500K."


  • dschultz, Amerikooler says:

    "We are manufacturers of walk-in freezers.  When we saw the LED cooler light manufactured by Beyond LED Technology, we had to find out more about this product!  It is such a quality fixture with a good warranty we thought it would be a win-win situation for us to present this product to our customers."