MR | LED T8 Glass Tube | 18 Watt | 2724 Lumens | 5000K | 120V-277V | 4ft | Frosted Lens | Type B | Single & Double Ended Power | UL & DLC Listed

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Beyond LED Technology’s MR High Quality LED T8 lamps offer a good replacement for conventional fluorescent lamps, offering significant energy efficiency and lifetime improvements. These tubes are an ideal replacement for 36w T8 or 40w T12 fluorescent tubes offering energy savings of up to 55% compared to their T12 fluorescent equivalents. These products are often used in environments like offices, schools, shops, warehouses, and domestic applications such as kitchens and garages. This Type B version requires a ballast by-pass and can be used with either a single-ended or a double-ended power input. These lamps are available in 5000K (Cool White) and 6500K (Daylight) CCT models.

  • Environmentally friendly: no mercury used
  • Instant start-up and instant energy saving
  • Frosted lens eliminates pixelation
  • An integral driver (non-isolated), eliminates the need for an external driver or ballast
  • Improved lamp durability with shatterproof coated glass (optional)
  • Complies with UL safety regulations for tubes with double-ended wiring
  • Up to 150 Lumens per Watt
  • Single & Double End Power
  • Full glass housing inhibits yellowing and distortion
  • Longer lifespan – 50,000 hours
  • Uniform illumination with no visible LED pixelation
  • No flickering for maximum eye comfort
  • Universal 120-277Vac 50-60Hz