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11 Questions That Will Guide You On Choosing Best LED wholesaler & LED Lights

11 Questions That Will Guide You On Choosing Best LED wholesaler & LED Lights

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  1. As an LED wholesaler and distributor, what types of lighting solutions do you provide?

At Beyond LED, we distrubutes a diverse range of lighting solutions that include–

Indoor LED lights

With uniform illumination, these lights deliver excellent energy savings, proper visibility, and maximum efficiency. Indoor LED lights can be fitted in home, personal, business, or industrial settings as they radiate the ideal ambiance at the perfect temperature.

Outdoor LED lights

Safety and bright light are prerequisites for outdoor LED lights. This is fulfilled by our range of LED lights that are fit for outdoors. Our solutions include floodlights, wall packs, parking lot lights, etc. that radiate in a continuum and eliminate flickering.

Refrigerator LED lights

Refrigerators operate at low temperatures and require LEDs that emit the least heat. Our range of LED refrigerator lights comes with huge cost savings on energy for different fridges, coolers, and freezers.

Signage LED lights

We have diverse range of LED modules, sign cylinders, and fluorescent lamps that will attract your customers. Our solutions are energy-productive and maintenance-free that help you generate better ROI.

You can explore every item in the above segment on our website and collect details on each product.

  1. What are your expertise and experience?

Beyond LED has been in business since 2008, viz., 14+ years and has been dedicated to providing energy-efficient and innovative lighting to clients. Our expertise lies in delivering the latest technology lighting solutions that save money. We are designated as segment leaders as–

  1. Our factory is ISO 9001 certified
  2. 8 continuous years of presence in LFI
  3. We organize SOLED events every quarter
  4. We release innovative products every quarter
  5. Our team has the ability to slip millions of products on the same day of order.

We are recognized as one of the leading Light developing companies across the USA as our range of products and innovation beats every barrier.

  1. What certifications and warranty claims do you provide with your LED products?

Our factory is ISO 9001 certified and our lighting solutions are ETL certified. This implies that we center around the safety and strengths of our clients. Our products are UL, DLC, and ETL listed. Our products are also energy star certified. For every product, we offer 5 years of warranty.

  1. What types of indoor LED lighting solutions do you provide?

Beyond LED believes in providing dependable indoor lighting solutions with appropriate illumination. The lights are best fit for residential and commercial spaces. Our range of indoor LED lighting includes but is not limited to–


Product description

PG | LED T5 Tube

A high-quality light tube with a glass housing to prevent yellowing and distortion. There is no visible LED pixelation. It's shatterproof by design.

YONAH |  T8 | LED Linkable Integrated Tube

The YONAH LED Linkable Integrated Tube series runs on line voltage. They are efficient stand-alone fixtures.

CRISP | LED Linkable Strip Fixture Light

CRISP fixtures are CCT-adjustable and stand-alone. High CRI and Lumileds Chips maximize efficiency. As it uses line voltage, it's highly efficient.

ELITE | LED Flat Panel Cloud Design

Our ELITE light is super slim and durable, with dimming and glare-free lighting. It's hangable or surface-mountable and has earthquake clips.

ULTIMATE | LED Linear High Bays

The ULTIMATE LED linear high bay has a 120-degree light distribution. They can be suspended, ceiling-mounted, or free-parallel combined. A vented steel housing provides thermal management, extending LED life.


Every light reflects the security, visibility, and well-being of the environment. Get additional product ranges and descriptions on our website.

  1. How are your products different from other products available in the market?

Beyond LED delivers certified and cost-efficient LED lights that cater to all needs. Our extensive range covers all the solutions, from LED bulbs and solar lights to LED floodlights and sign tubes.

Our every product is built with extensive experience of 14 years and hence, you get a delivery of the most innovative products in the present market.

Over time, we concentrate on rethinking how electricity is used and introducing quality products at competitive prices. Retrofit, indoor, outdoor, specialty, signage, and solar lighting are among our product lines.

So you get a range of products + the latest technology integration + 14 years of expertise + dedicated certificate for each product, only with Beyond LED.

  1. What types of LED outdoor lights do you Distrubutes?

Our range of LED outdoor lights has more than 150 products starting from area lights, wall packs, parking lot lights, etc., to floodlights in different colors, garden lights, landscaping lights, and much more. Some of our products are mentioned below.


Product Description

BEAR | LED Area Light

Wattage and CCT Adjustable Area Light. Our 300-watt light is adjustable to 200 and 240 watts. Our 150-watt light is adjustable to 120 and 100 watts. The Bear offers 4000K, 5000K, and 5700K CCT Adjustments and a new heat sink design keeps them cool and extends their life.

i9 | LED Area Light

i9 Area light has high lumens per watt for energy savings and rebates. Our i9 Area light illuminates parking lots, loading docks, and other areas.

LSL | LED Floodlight

Our New 2021 LSL Floodlights are ideal for commercial and residential landscaping, signage, and accent lighting. 100W LSL is a powerful, narrow-beam spotlight that can illuminate objects up to 98ft away and 36W up to 49ft. Flags, monuments, steeples, and bridges look great when lit.

BOISE | LED Landscaping Light

This product's superior performance and robust design make it ideal for garden, signage, and accent lighting in commercial and residential settings. Flags, monuments, steeples, and bridges look great.

ATHENS | Solar LED Streetlight

Our solar outdoor lighting system converts sunlight to electricity. Battery stores nighttime electricity. BF02 Solar LED Streetlight has an all-in-one design, low profile, PIR/microwave motion sensor, smart controller, and bifacial solar panel. Installing and maintaining BF02.


  1. I have a warehouse with very high ceilings. Which LED lights would be the best fit if I have to illuminate them brightly?

Industrial warehouse LED lights are crucial for a safe working environment. Our warehouse LED lights create a secure, productive, and low-maintenance environment. We have an extensive range of warehouse lighting and some of the many are mentioned below.


Product Description

TUCKER | LED Linear High Bay

Our TUCKER linear high bay LED lights have a sleek design. Optional plug-and-play motion sensor. With a standard chain mount, optional surface mount, and pendant mount, they're ideal for warehouses. They have an optional emergency backup for security and durability.

BILOXI | Cloud LED Linear High Bay

The BILOXI range's ultra-thin design and galvanized steel with white paint look great. PMMA Lens with a cloud diffuser maximizes efficiency. Long-lasting and 5 years guaranteed with standard mounting.


Our UFO SWINGLINE LED round high bay lights shine. They have a sleek design and plug-and-play motion sensor. Tri-proof with IP 65 rating and multiple mounting options.

TNT | LED Round High Bay

The TNT LED round high bay light has a unique design. DLC premium, tri-proof with IP 66, emergency backup, plug-and-play motion sensor.


NORTH STAR is our brightest LED UFO fixture. Amazing designs, plug-and-play motion sensors. They're IP65-rated and have multiple mounting options.


  1. Do you Distributes and supply parking lot lights?

Yes, we do. You can use these lights to light up parking lots, buildings, monuments, and outdoor parking lots, and that's just the start. Beyond LED Technology website is a great place to find LED parking lot lights that work well and are built to last.

Why choose us?

  • Our LEDs improve safety and comfort by giving off high-quality light.
  • When compared to traditional lighting, our products use less energy and cost less to maintain.
  • Our parking garage lights are very thin and stylish.
  • Our line of parking lights is easy to set up and doesn't take much work.
  • We are the best LED parking lot light distributor because we have a lot of experience and know-how in the field.
  1. As plants need unique lights for their growth, do you have lighting that fits that need?

Yes, we do. The name of our most innovative product is “Steel LED Grow Light”. This product is a revolutionary product that comes with an advanced red light spectrum for flowers and fruits. It is designed to fit the plants’ growth stage. The red light spectrum allows plat pigments to optimize their light-harvesting.

This light features a high Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) to provide more light for photosynthesis and growth. With the steel LED grow light, you will be able to grow plants all year round. This natural lighting solution is perfect for an indoor garden to bloom.

Additional features–

  1. Built-in smart control system that enables control over multiple lights with just one click.
  2. Full spectrum lighting
  3. Fanless design
  4. Universal 120-277 Vac
  5. Suspension or surface mounting

With this light, you can grow perfect tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, fruit trees, and much more.

  1. Which lighting accessories do you Distrubutes?

We have an extensive range of over 120 products under lighting accessories that meet every need. Some of our products include–

  1. LED power supply (100, 150, 60 Watt)
  2. Surface mounting kit
  3. U Shaped brackets
  4. Surface mount connector bracket
  5. Emergency battery backup
  6. Microwave motion sensor
  7. Remote for motion sensor
  8. Motion sensor for UFO
  9. Slip fitter tenon adapter
  10. Hanging mount connector bracket
  11. And the list goes on…

Get complete exposure to our innovative lighting accessories on our website.

  1. How do I choose the perfect color temperature for my commercial space lighting?

The selection of color temperature is as important as selecting the right paint for a commercial space. There is a range of color temperatures, i.e., from 2500K to 6500K. The more the temperature, the cooler the color is. The below table will give you an exact idea of the choice of color temperature for your commercial space.

Color Temperature

Illumination Space


Luxury Goods.

Coffee shops



Waiting areas

Hotel lobbies


Office ceiling

Meeting rooms



Hotel bathrooms



Commercial kitchens


Surgery rooms


High-tech stores




Select a range that fits your needs!