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    POLAR 5th GEN
    Adjustable Wattage With High Lumens
    LED Flood Light
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    Adjustable Wattage & CCT with Available in 4"/6"/8"
    LED Commercial Downlight
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    20ft, 25ft, 30ft | 11 Guage W/Base Plate & J Bolt
    Square Steel Pole
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    170 Lumens/Watt With Built-in 10KV Surge protector
    LED Area Light
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    Adjustable Wattage & CCT With Available in 2'x2' & 2'x4'
    LED Panel/Troffer
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    GEOMETRIC 2nd Gen
    Adjustable Wattage & CCT With 0-10V Dimmable
    LED Grid Panel

LED Lighting Solutions

Beginning around 2008, Beyond LED Technology has been devoted to furnishing our clients with energy-efficient and creative lighting. We've developed into a premier LED Distributor with a diverse line of industrial, commercial and specialty products. With regard to appropriate illumination, you need the right lighting solutions. Whether you need good lighting for your home, business space, or industrial setting, we've got you covered. You got the top LED Distributor that offers a wide scope of selection for top-class, high-quality LED lighting solutions.

Beyond LED Technology is one of the best-LED lighting distributors and has every asset and skill to fabricate and convey top-quality indoor lights available on the market. Our indoor lighting products are the best out there, and our 2x4 LED Panels offer uniform illumination and excellent energy savings.

Beyond LED Technology is the only LED light distributor with excellent outdoor lighting products that have been completely tested to work efficiently in every single atmospheric condition. LED floodlights, wall packs, and parking area lighting solutions are only a part of the diverse product line that we offer.

Beyond LED Technology is one such light manufacturer that offers select, good-quality LED products that our manufacturing team of geniuses has arranged for our refrigeration clients. Our LED refrigeration lighting conveys energy-saving, proficient execution, with reduced maintenance costs. It has all that you need for your refrigeration light needs.

A sign can represent the deciding impression your business gives at first glance. Beyond LED Technology is an excellent light distributor that has product lines incorporating LED modules, sign cylinders, and fluorescent lamps. Our signage lighting is the ideal choice for drawing in additional clients

Why Beyond LED Technology Is The Leader For Industrial & Commercial Lighting Solutions

  • ISO 9001 Certified Factory
  • Free Shipping Both Ways, on Warranty Claims
  • Free Photometric Support Within 24 Hours
  • 8 Continuous Years of Presence in LFI
  • Seamless Warranty Claims
  • Quarterly SOLED Events
  • 14 Years in Business
  • Free Marketing Materials to Help Distributors
  • 24 Hours Ticketing System
  • Best in Class Customer Service
  • Innovative Products Released Every Quarter
  • Distributes best LED Lighting

We as the best-LED Distributors assure you to get the perfect lighting solutions which match your requirements. If you have any inquiries while looking for the best-LED Distributors, kindly contact one of our friendly and educated lighting experts for help. We are generally eager to assist in any capacity!

The Applications Of Our Lighting Solutions

Get commercial office LED lighting solutions of unmatchable quality and brightness that illuminate any office or commercial space. Our product line of commercial lighting solutions is specifically made for professional commercial settings to maintain the illumination for accurate fittings.

Get hospitality LED lighting solutions that make any given space illuminated with aesthetics. Clients look for top-class illumination in their lighting solutions that brighten their space for more retention and great aesthetics, attraction, and ambiance.

We are the leading LED lighting manufacturer that produces top-class LED lighting for parking lots that is perfectly suited for parking lot structures. Our LED lighting solutions are made to illuminate underground and outdoor parking areas and structures to perfectly fit the environment and usage.

We are the leading wholesale lighting manufacturer of warehouse and industrial lighting solutions. Being well-versed in the industry for a long time, we understand the intricacies of industrial and warehouse lighting and the need for high-quality, bright lighting solutions.

We provide a wide range of LED outdoor signage lighting solutions that are better, brighter, and bigger. They accurately match the outdoor natural lights during the day and at night for better visibility of signs and messages placed outside in any kind of environment.

Our retail store LED lighting solutions illuminate the space and highlight the product line in an outstanding way. All the products in any retail outlet look fantastically lit and presentable for better ambiance, attractiveness, and customer retention. Get the best from the best wholesale lighting distributors at Beyond LED Technology.

New Products


Introducing, The Sky Downlight

The Sky Downlight arrives in a 12-inch size. This size is bigger than the conventional downlight and gives more brightening in view of its huge size. The sky downlight can directly be introduced into a 5/6 Inch retrofit fixture in a new or existing recessed can or flush mounting to the roof in J-box. This light can without much of a stretch be introduced in private spaces like kitchens, lounges, rooms, washrooms, parlors, and so on as well as business regions like clinics, workplaces, eateries, resorts, and spas. Very much like the rest of our products, The Sky Downlight is ETL certified, and that implies we center around the safety and strength of our clients. Consistent dimming capacities (10%-100 percent) to suit any state of mind or style. Our smooth trim recessed lighting installations offer instant start-up with no warm-up.