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Newly Lanched 480W LED Pole Light

Newly Lanched

Click on the link below to see out new 480W LED Pole Light.

New Poles and Accessories

New Accessories

Click on the link below to see out new line of poles and accessories.

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Become a distributor and get the best quality LED Lights on the market.

Newly Lanched LHB Series Hign Bay's

Newly Lanched

Click on the link below to see out new LHB Series Linear High Bay's.

Lighting the Way and Beyond

Why Become A Distributor for Beyond LED Technology?

Beyond LED Technology began its operations back in 2008, and has been manufacturing lighting solutions for commercial and industrial businesses for almost 10 years now. We have multiple warehouses on both the east and west coast of the U.S. to supply our distributors with the inventory they need. This is also why we offer drop shipping so that products can be packaged and shipped directly to your customers without you ever having to hold inventory in your own warehouse.

Over the years we have seen LED lights increase in its adoption for many different applications. As a manufacturer, Beyond LED Technology is able to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices allowing you to enjoy higher margins. We have accomplished this with a three tiered pricing list that rewards you, as a distributor, helping you save by ordering in larger quantities. This way our distributors can reap the profits as their businesses continue to grow.

We value simplicity when it comes to our product line, and is one of the reasons why many of our products offer easy installation. Simply put Plug and Play. It is a great selling point and makes our LED lighting solutions stand out from the rest. We back our products and ensure that every design offers the quality and simplicity your customers are looking for.

In any business it is impossible to sell a product without the proper support and education. This is why Beyond LED Technology is here to help you be successful! We provide all the information for all of our products such as spec sheets, images, applications, warranties, and certifications. Also, our team of account managers is here to answer any questions you may have to provide the support your business needs.

At Beyond LED Technology we go above and beyond the information and support by holding an annual Soled Event. This event is held to educate our distributors and contractors on new and existing products, as well as the best practices on how to sell each product. Get one on one attention to ask all your questions, and get the knowledge you need to be successful. We are here for you 100%, so let’s get started by becoming a distributor today!

Events & Catalog

2018 Lighting Fair International Logo and Link

LFI Event

May 8-10, 2018 Chicago Booth 4873

2018 Sign Expo Logo and Link

ISA Event

Sign Expo 2017 March 22-24, 2018 Orlando Booth 4613


See what our clients have to say at our Soled Event.

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Featured Products

LED Panel - 2' x 4' Cloud Panel

LED Panel

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STA Series - Standard Linear Fixture

LED Linear Fixture

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STA Series - V Shaped Cooler Light

STA Series V-Shaped Cooler Lights

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UFO 1st Gen Series - High Bay Light

LED High Bay Lights

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LED Canopy High Bay Light

LED Canopy Lights

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LED Flood Light VersaFlex Series

LED Flood Lights

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LED ZOHO 2nd Gen Series - Street Light

LED Street/Parking Lot Lights

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Capsule LED Module

LED Modules

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All In One Solar Street Light - 25W

Solar Street Lights

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Solar Billboard Light - 15W

Solar Billboard Lights

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Solar Carport Light - 12W

Solar Carport Lights

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