Preferred Distributors Program

Beyond LED Technology offers an extensive Preferred Distributors program, featuring a multi-tiered partner model with three distinct membership levels. Each tier provides access to various benefits aimed at enhancing your expertise and boosting your ability to sell and distribute Beyond LED Technology's products.

As a member of our Preferred Distributor Program, your benefits will grow in alignment with your commitment to and interest in Beyond LED Technology. Upon successful completion of the application process and acceptance into the program, you'll gain access to numerous advantages that can enhance your company's capabilities.

As a distributor, you'll enjoy a range of benefits including financial assistance, sales support, logistics, and specialized training materials designed to maximize your success. Additionally, as you meet the eligibility requirements for higher membership tiers, you'll have the opportunity to apply for an upgrade. Upon approval from Beyond LED Technology, you'll unlock additional perks as recognition of your increased dedication to promoting our products.

It's important to note that each membership tier offers specific benefits and discounts according to predetermined criteria for each level. However, Beyond LED Technology reserves the right to evaluate and determine your membership status based on factors such as previous sales performance and the duration of your partnership with the company.

Silver Membership:

Begin your journey with our Silver Partner Tier, the entry-level tier for distributors. As a Silver partner, you gain access to our distributor portal's sales and marketing opportunities, empowering you to start trading right away.


  • Meeting all prerequisites.
  • Minimum purchase of $25,000 within the program year.


  • Enjoy drop-shipping support for increased operational flexibility.
  • Gain exclusive pre-launch access to new products, giving you a competitive edge in the market.
  • Receive comprehensive product training and demos to effectively present and sell our products.
  • Basic warranty coverage with Beyond LED Technology covering one-way shipping for warranty claims.


Beyond LED Technology covers shipping costs for defective products during the first year of the program. After the initial year, members are responsible for shipping damaged items for repair or replacement.

Gold Membership:

Advance to our Gold Partner Tier, a significant milestone in our membership program that offers additional perks beyond financial support, based on your dedication and achievements.


Minimum purchase of $50,000 within the program year.


  • Expedited warranty claim processing with both inbound and outbound shipping costs reimbursed.
  • Seamless integration of drop-shipping flexibility.
  • Exclusive early access to new product launches for a competitive advantage.
  • Product demos and training events to enhance your ability to present and sell our products effectively.


In terms of warranty support, Beyond LED Technology offers all-inclusive coverage that includes both the inbound and outbound shipments for problems with the warranty. Products may be repaired or replaced in compliance with our regular terms and conditions, and there are never any extra fees or labor costs.

Platinum Membership:

Elevate your partnership with Beyond LED Technology to the Platinum Partner Tier, designed for long-term strategic relationships with partners who invest significantly in their Preferred Distributors' network.


Minimum purchase of $75,000 within the program year.


  • Lower shipping costs on both sides with premium warranty claims.
  • Hassle-free drop-shipping service.
  • Special access to pre-launch previews of new products.
  • Product demonstrations and training to further enhance your competence.

Additionally, Platinum Members are eligible for a labor fee refund for damaged items. Our comprehensive package ensures that you have the tools and support needed to succeed in creating new business opportunities.


As part of the distributor program, Platinum members of Beyond LED Technology enjoy comprehensive coverage, including replacement products and labor allowance. Our commitment to exceptional support extends to covering all shipping costs for product replacements.


  • The benefits outlined above are subject to specific terms and conditions (outlined below) and can only be accessed if certain criteria are met.
  • Beyond LED Technology offers four distinct levels of warranty claims and coverage. Refer to our Warranty Terms and Conditions for further information.