Beyond’s Preferred Distributors program is a multi-tiered partner model with three membership levels. Each level offers access to a variety of benefits that help develop your expertise and increase your capability to sell and deliver Beyond LED Technology products. As your commitment to and knowledge of Beyond LED Technology grows, the benefits you receive from us will also grow. Upon successful application and admittance to this Program, you will gain access to an array of benefits via Preferred Distributor Program. As a member, you are eligible to receive logistics, sales, financial and training benefits designed to assist you. Once you meet the qualification requirements, you will be able to apply to higher membership levels. Upon application approval by Beyond LED Technology, your increased commitment to Beyond products will be rewarded through access to additional benefits.

The program benefits are applicable on the membership status from June 1st - May 31st and will be renewed after each year.


Each membership tier is entitled to certain benefits and discounts based on the criteria of meeting the specified requirement of each level. However, Beyond’s Management reserves full right to determine the status of the members depending upon the previous sales history and relationship with the company over time.


The Silver Partner Tier is the entry tier that every authorized partner begins at. Silver partners can begin to transact and benefit from sales and marketing opportunities found in the distributors’ portal.


  • Register for Beyond LED Technology Preferred Distributors Program fulfilling all prerequisites.
  • Minimum Purchase of $25,000 made within the program year


The Gold Partner Tier is the middle tier, which provides additional financial, sales, and operational benefits to the partner depending on their commitment and history for doing business with beyond.


  • Minimum purchase of $50,000 made within the program year.


The Platinum Partner Tier is for partners who have long-term strategic relationship with Beyond. These partners are heavily invested in driving new opportunities and contribute the most to Preferred Distributors ecosystem. They receive the highest level of visibility and exclusive support and service. The Platinum partner have the advantage of getting seamless experience regarding sales, operations, marketing, and financing. They also have access to an inside partner account manager who can assist with operational and sales activities.


  • Minimum purchase of $75,000 made within the program year.


As your tier progresses, so do your benefits.

Depending on your membership status, we have the following benefits for each level of the program to reward you on the journey to becoming a preferred distributor with us.

Benefits Silver Gold Platinum
*Rebates on Annual Gross Purchase 1% 1.5% 2%

Shipping allowance on orders above $

$3000 $3000 $3000
*Warranty Claims Basic Advanced Premium
Beyond will pay shipping on warranty claims One way Two way Two way
Eligibility for Labor charges on failing products - - Yes
(See Full details under Distributor contract)
Dropshipping Yes Yes Yes
Pre-launch access to New Products Yes Yes Yes
*Product Training and Demos Yes Yes Yes

* Disclaimer: The above-mentioned benefits are applicable based on certain terms and conditions (given below) and can only be availed if the set criteria are met.


  • The program benefits are applicable on the membership status starting from June 1st - May 31st and will be renewed after each year.
  • The tier-based status can be upgraded within a year, provided the member has met the requirement of the advanced level.
  • Yearly Rebates: Rebates are valid for 6 months after each program cycle and can only be used for future purchases through the program.


  • This 5-Year warranty applies only to DLC-listed products used in industrial or commercial applications within the U.S. and Canada. Please see the applicable Beyond LED.
  • The 5-year warranty is applicable for most products unless specified in the invoice or a certain product specs sheet.
  • There are certain exceptions to the warranty claims including labor charges, product replacement and shipping information for the defected products, which are as follows:
  • Beyond LED Technology has four different levels to provide warranty claim and coverage. These include basic, silver, gold and platinum. Except the basic level, all the other levels are part of Preferred Distributors program for Beyond LED Technology.
  • The general warranty claims including 5- year warranty is applicable for all the basic members. However, Beyond LED Technology will not be responsible for providing the shipping cost of defected product.

  • Beyond LED Technology will provide for the shipping costs for the defected product for therest year of the program. After the initial year, the members have to ship the malfunctioned product to get It repaired or replaced after the general terms and conditions are met.
  • Beyond LED Technology will provide extended coverage for both way shipping of the product. However, the product will be repaired/ replaced after the general terms and conditions are met.

  • Beyond LED Technology provides extensive coverage for the platinum members including labor allowance and product replacement
  • Beyond LED Technology will cover all the shipping costs associated with the product replacement.
  • Labor allowance of 25% of actual product cost will be applicable for the platinum members, only if the product is/was installed by a licensed electrician or contractor.



The coverage is only applicable if the warranty is activated within 60 days of purchase after receiving the product. It will also include the replacement of the original product, provided general terms and conditions are met.

The program is valid for a one-year term. For partners maintaining good standing within the program and compliance with objective criteria, membership will automatically renew or upgrade. Partners who have achieved the Gold or Platinum membership level will renew to their current membership level if they have met the respective annual requirements for that level. Any Partner who does not meet minimum revenue requirements for level of membership and/or the commitments in the mutually agreed upon business plan may be assigned a lower level of membership or removed from the program.

Independent of your membership level, your status will be reviewed annually. Requalification consists of a series of questions to check whether the information we hold about your company is still up to date and to reaccept the terms and conditions of your partnership with Beyond. You will receive an email notification 60 days before the actual requalification date. In order to complete it, you will have to log on to the Distributors Portal and start the requalification process via the Requalify option on the dashboard. Not requalifying will lead to exclusion from the program, which goes with the loss of all preferred distributors program benefits available to you.

Partners who fail to either activate their partner membership with us correctly or complete all required criteria or who do not renew their membership in a timely manner will become “unaffiliated” and all rebates and benefits will be revoked.


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