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6 Reasons Why You Should Go For Warehouse LED Lights

6 Reasons Why You Should Go For Warehouse LED Lights

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The lighting for industries and warehouses is increasing and walking towards energy-efficient and safe solutions. Furthermore, the requirements of a warehouse are different from retail and residential stores. This is because warehouses have big storage spaces with tons of goods, less number of windows, high ceilings, etc.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, there is a need to employ special warehouse LED lights that fit the requirements and serve the purpose of efficiency. This article will focus on the benefits of LED warehouse lighting.

Benefits of LED warehouse lighting

The type of LED warehouse lighting is dependent upon a few things, such as: building dimensions and storage methods, including floor stacking, full automation, mobile racking, and robot picking. The illumination must be safe and effective for personnel in these areas, with special consideration given to color identification and reading small print.

Taking the above things into consideration, below are some benefits that serve the purpose.

  1. Energy-efficiency

This is indeed the most prominent benefit of using commercial warehouse LED lights as it consumes lower energy compared to other types of lamps available. They require less energy to produce light. An LED system uses 320 watts to produce 43,800 lumens, which can illuminate a 1000-watt High-Intensity Discharge lamp in a warehouse.

Therefore, if a 1000-watt HID lamp in your warehouse consumes 1000 watts of electricity to produce 43,800 lumens, it is time to install LED lights.

Moreover, when LEDs fixtures are paired with controls such as motor sensors, energy consumption is cut by 80%. Only 20% of their energy is lost as heat, while the remaining 80% is converted into light.

  1. Longer lifespan

Warehouse LED lights outlast traditional light sources. In some cases, they last even longer than metal halides. This is important for warehouses because light fixtures are usually mounted high. Traditional lights must be replaced more often than LED lights, so their replacement costs are higher. You'll also save on replacement lights.

Metal halides burn out in 6,000 to 15,000 hours, while LEDs last 50,000 to 100,000. Some traditional lights last longer, but not LEDs. LED warehouse lighting reduces maintenance costs significantly.

  1. Productive work environment

Studies show that lighting is important for a productive work environment. Warehouses need bright, well-lit environments to function properly. LED lights are known for their brightness and uniform lighting, unlike traditional light sources that put too much light under where they're installed and leave the surrounding area darker.

LED lights emit a pure white light that resembles daylight, unlike the yellowish light of traditional light sources.

  1. Better health and safety

Warehouse lighting must meet safety standards. Dark or poorly-lit warehouses increase the risk of injuries or deaths. Quality commercial warehouse LED lights ensure security personnel's visibility in all areas.

Bad lighting causes headaches, eyestrain, neck and back strain, and nausea. LED lighting improves productivity, morale, and efficiency.

LED battens with an IP65 rating are best for warehouse entrances, loading bays, garages, and other corrosion-prone areas. LED lighting is shock- and vibration-resistant, making it ideal for warehouses with heavy machinery or forklifts. LED emergency lighting is a legal requirement. A long, maintenance-free life reduces costs and allows for safety precision.

  1. Reduces maintenance costs

Long-lasting LEDs are easy to maintain compared to traditional lights. They last up to 50,000 hrs, 50 times longer than conventional lights.

LEDs don't require frequent bulb replacements or repairs. Why? LEDs can withstand warehouse conditions. Traditional lights generate heat, which causes bulb breakage. Breakage increases replacement, repair, and maintenance costs. LEDs produce little or no heat. The bulb will burn out less frequently, reducing replacement costs. This reduces maintenance costs.

  1. Gives flexibility

Best LED lights for warehouse systems are flexible. They help warehouse owners and managers control the lighting system and save energy. Advanced LED systems let you control and access fixtures in hard-to-reach areas of your warehouse. You can configure, schedule, and task-tune them without moving around your warehouse.

LED systems also have motion sensor lighting. This means the system will automatically turn off a warehouse's lights when there's no activity. Other features include automatic brightness adjustment based on the time of day, so brightness is constant throughout the day.

These features save energy, improve the work environment, and make warehouse management easier.

Wrapping Up

The commercial warehouse LED lights are more advantageous than any other lighting solution. From energy efficiency to increased productivity, the right LED warehouse lights provide you with the all.

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Our lighting solutions will convert your warehouse into a more productive and safe environment.