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Checklist + Options For Choosing Industrial Warehouse LED Lights

Checklist + Options For Choosing Industrial Warehouse LED Lights

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Warehouse and industrial buildings exhibit unique characteristics that include few windows, high ceilings, large floor surfaces, packed space, elevated shelving, and much more. These characteristics lead to insufficient natural light, poor heat dissipation, improper contrast, disturbed light, etc.

Furthermore, the choice of lighting will not only impact the look of the warehouse, but will also impact its internal operations. Hence, choosing warehouse lighting is a tough task. 

To solve these problems, Beyond LED have an innovated range of industrial warehouse LED lights. The lights in this range are a perfect fit for warehouse and industrial spaces that need a proper display and seamless internal operations.

This article will answer all your queries like the best warehouse lighting and which commercial warehouse LED lights are available at Beyond LED.

Why use warehouse LED lights?

Here are 3 reasons why you should opt for warehouse lighting solutions.

  1. Minimizes maintenance cost

The operating cost of warehouses and warehouse lighting can be a large overhead expense for a business. Warehouse LED lighting helps businesses cut losses and operating costs while maintaining internal operations. LED lights last 100,000 hours, or 11 years of continuous use.

This improves light quality and reduces operating costs. LEDs can be modified for different operating conditions, traffic patterns, and settings.

  1. Ensures safety and positive vibes

LED lights offer a variety of lighting options that can create pleasant lighting patterns, making warehouses more comfortable for workers with long shifts. Since LED light fixtures instantly turn on with high brightness, employees don't need to worry about slow transitions to full brightness with repetitive switching.

  1. Promotes productivity

Accurate color representation is crucial for warehouse product handling and movement. Traditional lighting often flickers, causing eyestrain and headaches for employees. LED lighting eliminates flickering in all conditions.

Hence, warehouse LED Lights can boost productivity by reducing lighting distractions and ensuring employees' comfort and safety.

What to consider while choosing industrial warehouse LED lights?

There are six main considerations before investing in industrial warehouse lights.

  1. Brightness

The paint on your walls or ceilings can affect the brightness of your warehouse lights. Darker paints are less reflective. You can choose lower-lumen lamps and still fully illuminate the space. Lower lumens save money on power. 

Skylights can also brighten a room. When wiring skylights, use separate switches. This lets you turn on some lights while the skylights help, or all lights on cloudy days or at night. Depending on the activity, too bright lights can cause glare. This can cause eye irritation, headaches, and unsafe conditions.

  1. Lighting control systems

Linking warehouse lighting to controls increases energy efficiency. Most buildings use occupancy or vacancy sensors. These motion sensors can reduce energy consumption by 30% and are easy to install.

  1. Color temperature

When choosing warehouse lighting, color temperature is crucial. A light source's Kelvin (K) color temperature indicates its hue. Warm white light is 3000K or lower, and cool white light is 4000K or higher. Color temperature is important when choosing warehouse lighting as cool white light improves visibility and safety and warm white light may be better for creating a relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Light distribution

Light distribution is direct or indirect. Direct light is more focused and casts fewer shadows than indirect light. Consider light distribution when choosing warehouse lighting. Direct light is best for clear, safe vision. Indirect light may be better for creating a relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Fixture spacing

Fixture spacing depends on ceiling height and room size. For 20-foot-or-lower ceilings, fixture spacing should be 20 to 30 feet in the center. For 20-foot ceilings, space fixtures 30 to 40 feet on center. When choosing warehouse lighting, consider fixture spacing to meet your needs.

  1. Environmental impacts

Which warehouse lighting products will work best for you will depend on the weather. Because of this, it is very important to think about how your warehouse will be exposed to the environment before buying a light source for it. The environment can cause rust, corrosion, and a drop in lumens, among other things.


Warehouse LED lights at Beyond LED

The best-in-class commercial warehouse LED lights at Beyond LED are mentioned below.

  1. TUCKER | LED Linear High Bay

This range comes with an ultra-thin sleek design equipped with a plug-and-play motion sensor. With a standard chain mount, optional surface mount, and pendant mount, they're perfect for warehouses. Optional emergency backup ensures security and durability.

  1. STAR | LED Linear High Bay

This range comes with an ultra-thin sleek design and galvanizing finish with white paint. They have an isolated driver with wide voltage input and PMMA Lens for maximum output and efficiency. Standard mounting solutions include motion sensors for emergencies.

  1. ULTIMATE | LED Linear High Bay

This range has a 120-degree beam angle and is among our best commercial LED light. They can be suspended, ceiling-mounted, or free-parallel combined. A vented steel housing provides thermal management, extending LED life. They have a high power factor, perfect for a warehouse.

  1. BILOXI | Cloud LED Linear High Bay

This range comes with an ultra-thin sleek design and galvanizing finish with white paint. PMMA Lens with a cloud diffuser that maximizes efficiency. Long-lasting and 5 years guaranteed with standard mounting.

  1. MAGNOLIA |  LED Tri-Proof Light

This is a stylish tri-proof LED light range. Customizable wattage and CCT. The IP65 rating makes it the toughest and most durable lighting solution available.

  1. CHICO | LED Tri-Proof Light

Tri-proof LED light comes with selectable CCT and wattage. It has suspension and surface-mount PC housing. White cover and high-quality stainless steel clip. It's a premium LED warehouse lighting product.

  1. CROSS | LED Corn Bulb

The cross-LED corn bulb can be used in an enclosure for outdoor applications. It is waterproof, dustproof, and mercury-free. CROSS is easy to install and operate, with no humming. This range offers energy-saving, long-lasting brightness.

  1. NORTH STAR | LED UFO Fixture

NORTH STAR is our brightest LED UFO fixture and comes with amazing designs and plug-and-play motion sensors. They're IP65-rated and have multiple mounting options..

  1. UFO JUNIOR | LED Round High Bay

These lights are sleeker than the Swingline, are CCT-adjustable with plug-and-play motion sensor. Like Swingline, it has multiple installation methods and mounting options for maximum ease.

  1. ARCADIA | LED UFO Fixture

This range provides the best warehouse lighting. While Best-looking, they have a plug-and-play motion sensor. They have a U-shaped installation bracket. Tri-proof and IP65-rated, they have a top-notch emergency backup.

  1. FEATHER | LED Round High Bay

Feather UFO High Bay is the newest and most feature-rich product of 2022. Feather is designed to maximize light output with efficacy up to 150 Lumens per Watt. Feather is built to last with standard 4kv surge protection, 113°F ambient temperature rating, and IP65 rating for the elimination of dust, moisture, and airborne contaminants.

  1. NORTH STAR | LED UFO Fixture

NORTH STAR is our brightest LED UFO fixture and comes with amazing designs and plug-and-play motion sensors. They're IP65-rated and have multiple mounting options.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know everything there is to know about industrial warehouse LED lighting, it's time to go for procurement! As you look at different products and systems, keep all the things we've talked about in mind. If you think about all of these things, you can make sure you buy the right thing for your needs.

Beyond LED-Leading LED lighting distributor can be your best choice to get a range to choose from.