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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying LED Parking Lot Light

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying LED Parking Lot Light

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The quality of parking lot lights structure has a direct correlation with one’s business establishment. When the parking lot is well illuminated, drivers & pedestrians can easily navigate with comfort. On the other hand, if the parking lot is poorly lit, it creates a loophole for criminal activities and creates unsafe dark spots for visitors. 

Hence, it is important to install good quality lights in parking lots. 

So here, you have a choice to make between “traditional parking lot lights” & “LED parking lot lights”.


Traditional Parking Lot Lights

LED Parking Lot Lights

Higher energy consumption results from the fact that a large portion of the energy produced by traditional lighting technologies is released as heat rather than light.

LED’s have a better light-to-heat ratio; which implies they generate less heat energy and more light energy.

Conventional light bulbs produce omnidirectional light and fixtures are needed to focus it.

The LED lights produce directional light and maximum in the direction perpendicular to the emitting surface.

The conventional lightings use mechanical components like filaments, contact wires, support wires, etc., increasing the chances of failure

LED lights use solid-state technology that converts electricity to light and requires less maintenance.


As it is evident, the best choice is to use LED Parking Lot Light. Let’s now walk through the benefits of using LED lighting.

Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lighting

  1. Energy Savings

LED lights are 70% more energy efficient than traditional lights. This allows you to save money in energy costs as it replaces 1000 watts with 100 watts. Beyond LED uses special technology that gives 130 lumens per watt.

  1. Lighting Quality

LED lights provide a better Color Rendering Index rating of about 75. They come with NO Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), i.e. buzz or flicker. This quality enhances its glow and becomes safer for the eyes. 

  1. Easily Manageable

Unlike traditional bulbs, LED bulbs are easily manageable. You can dim the lights whenever you want, which is a must in case of municipal code or to decrease light pollution. You can also brighten certain areas according to your needs.

  1. Safety

Commercial parking lot lights should be a point of concern as those can serve as loopholes for crimes or accidents. Having an LED parking lot light enhances safety and increases visitors. This will also make CCTV capture precise images every second. 

  1. Cost

The LED lights offer lower energy costs, which involve the least maintenance. The replacement age of LEDs is every 5 years to every 25 years, unlike the traditional lighting which needs to be changed often. 

Specifics of LED parking lot light performance

When it comes to the lighting performance of LED parking lot lights, there are some specifics to be considered. Those specifics can be noted below;

  1. Illuminance

It is a unit that describes the amount of luminous flux illuminating at the surface, per unit area. Usually, commercial parking lot lighting requires 54 lux.

  1. Color Rendering Index

It is the ability of light to reflect the true color of an item. This is measured on a scale of 100. For the commercial parking lot, the minimum value required is 70.

  1. Correlated Color Temperature

Abbreviated as CCT suggests the hue of a light source. For parking lots, the value of CCT is suggested in between 3500k to 5000k. This range makes visitors more comfortable. 

  1. Lighting distribution

As commercial parking lots are not isolated, human activity is affected by their lighting. The LED parking lot lighting should be bright enough with minimum glare, backlight, and uplight. 

  1. Harsh Environment Resistance

LED parking lot light fixtures are exposed to everyday climate- sun, wind, rain, and other extremities. This requires high-quality fixtures that are resistant to water, sun, corrosion, impact, and other factors.

Why is LED Parking Lot Light Preferrable?

There are several characteristics that make the best-LED parking lot light most preferable.

  1. Their enhanced characteristics of Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) or color temperature, Color Rendering Index (CRI), light distribution properties, heat distribution properties, eco-friendliness, and earned safety ratings.
  1. The mitigation of heat and operation at low temperatures by using LED parking lot fixtures
  1. It has the least emission of carbon and eliminates hazardous substances like mercury or lead emitted from traditional lighting. This ensures environmental safety.
  1. Typically, LED lighting offers technology that produces excellent illumination while saving a lot of energy, especially when combined with adaptive control integration.
  1. The integration of LED parking lot lights with Motion (PIR) sensors, the light can be dimmed. This ultimately reduces the power consumption.

Wrapping Up

The Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2022 are a complete professional package dealing with the use of advanced technology. It comes with the benefits of least power consumption and cost reduction. It justifies the investment.

Beyond LED has been innovating and evolving with the latest trends and integrating them with lighting. If you find this article useful and are looking for the Best LED parking lot lighting, visit our website beyondledtechnology.com and select lighting from a range of Commercial Parking lot lighting.