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Steel LED Grow Light

Steel LED Grow Light

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Beyond LED has been dedicated to providing our clients with energy-efficient and innovative lighting. One such innovation is the use of technology to cultivate plants and give them a source of energy.

Where urbanization is ruling and people are in search of natural products, they usually tend to start cultivation at home. This cultivation needs a specific source of energy.

Our Steel LED Grow light are a revolutionary product, with an advanced red light spectrum for flowers and fruits. It is designed to fit a plant's growth stage.

Speaking of which, we have the product of the month, to feature our revolutionary product every month. 

This product helps grow plants better. Now you can grow pretty much anything you like under these light.

Thus, the product of the month for August 2022 is Steel LED grow light.

The Product of the Month of August 2022

Steel LED grow light

With the Advanced red light spectrum, it allows plant pigments to optimize the harvesting. 

With LED Grow Light you can spot pests and discolorations easily to keep your plants healthy. The LED grow light provide perfect high-quality natural light that allows your indoor garden to bloom and flourish year-round. 

It is inspired by the best practices used by professionals to grow plants with indoor lighting especially when you opt to grow cannabis and other plants. It is effectively designed to mature plants at the fruiting or flowering growth stage. This product comes with suspension or surface mounting; with a full 5 years of warranty.


  • It gives your plant a perfect source of energy
  • It allows you to do indoor cannabis cultivation with maximum yield
  • It allows you to commercialize your plant growth all-round the year
  • It consumes less energy and generates less heat
  • It comes with advanced red spectrum technology suitable for plant growth
  • It comes with multiple light controls
  • It covers the full-spectrum lighting
  • It comes with a unique fan-less design
  • It is ETL listed and comes with full 5 years warranty

The product is specifically designed to promote the growth of plants through indoor lighting, considering the necessity of providing sufficient energy to plants under-maintained low temperatures. 

  • PAR Efficacy 2.5 microMol/J
  • Universal 120-277Vac
  • Power output up to 2400 microMol/s
  • An optic lens which is easy to replace the MH and HPS lamps
  • ETL Listed
  • 5 years warranty

It comes in 3 variants-

All these variants of LED indoor light provide the best alternative to a source of energy for plants and a futuristic technology for indoor plant cultivation.  

The Steel LED grow light range is perfected for indoor cultivation and commercialization. Get your grow light from the top light distributors in the USA, Beyond LED.

For more information, please visit Product Of The Month or call 866-786-1117