Beyond LED Technology is committed to providing efficient and innovative products to our customers since 2008. We have grown to a full-fledged LED lighting manufacturer with a vast portfolio of commercial, industrial and specialty products. Over the past 15 years, we have dedicatedly worked on research and development to bring intelligently designed products to our customers. We focus on rethinking the way electricity is used and introducing quality products at competitive pricing over time. Our product lines include retrofit, indoor, outdoor, specialty, signage and solar lighting. We have come a long way to deliver on our promise of customer support and satisfaction. Our teams are available to assist customers on all projects, stocking, pricing, specification, and support needs.
Dedicated to providing the 'Best' of Service and Support, Beyond LED Technology hosts an annual event "SOLED". The purpose of the SOLED event is to educate our Partnering Reps and Distributors on Newly Launched Products and refresh them on existing lines as well as the Best Practices, Applications and Selling Points for those products. We are 100% dedicated to ensuring our teams are armed with the 'Best of Industry' knowledge and tools. Become a distributor today!
Why Beyond LED Technology ?
At Beyond LED Technology we offer highly certified and cost-efficient LED lighting solutions. Our wide variety of LED lights caters to all your lighting needs from LED bulbs and Solar lights to LED floodlights and Sign tubes. We as manufacturers are well-versed in the lighting industry. Beyond LED Technology focuses on manufacturing and selling quality products. We always put our customers' needs in front that set us apart from the competition.