About Beyond LED Technology

Beyond LED Technology is committed to provide efficient and innovative products to our customers since 2008. We have grown to a full-fledged LED lighting manufacturer with a vast portfolio of commercial, industrial and specialty products.

Over the past 14 years, we have dedicatedly worked on research and development to bring intelligently designed products to our customers. We focus on rethinking the way electricity is used and introducing quality products at competitive pricing over time. Our product lines include retrofit, indoor, outdoor, specialty, signage and solar lighting.

We have come a long way to deliver on our promise of customer support and satisfaction. Our teams are available to assist customers on all project, stocking, pricing, specification, and support needs.

Our Core Values

We have five core values that serve as a guiding principle as we develop and grow. The value of innovation, integrity and customer focus are key drivers of our growth since our foundation.


We aim for innovation not only in our product development but also in all the aspects of our business.


We communicate with honesty and strive for fairness in action by doing the right thing always.

Customer Focus

We ensure customer support and satisfaction in every process and decision.


We deliver on our promise of bringing quality products and services that people can trust.


We focus on giving our best and maintaining the quality of our results on time.

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