Beyond LED - Wholesale Distributor Of LED Lighting [2022 Edition]

Beyond LED - Wholesale Distributor Of LED Lighting [2022 Edition]

The green moment is creating shockwaves in the lighting industry. The introduction of LED lighting solutions comes with ample advantages, from energy efficiency to providing optimal reliability in lighting. And if you want further savings, the answer is simple. Make a wholesale lighting purchase.

In that case, Beyond LED is a wholesale lighting distributor that offers an array of lighting solutions at an attractive price. The whole point of making a wholesale purchase is to cut costs. But, that's not it. 

Buying from the best LED lighting distributors comes with greater advantages; and this is what we are going to review in this blog.

What is wholesale?

By definition, “wholesale is the business of selling goods in bulk and at a low cost.” The wholesale works in the following fashion-

  1. Distributors produce goods in bulk and they sell the bulk quantity to wholesalers.
  2. Wholesalers sell the same goods to retailers.
  3. Retailers provide goods/services to end consumers.

In this entire circle, at every stage, the profit is shared by distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, respectively.

Benefits of making an LED purchase from a wholesale lighting distributor

  1. Reduced per unit cost

Wholesalers often strive for a GPM of 10 to 15%, which means they must charge clients 1.18 times what they paid distributors for products. 

Hence, when consumers buy products like LED lights from wholesalers, they get an additional discount from what they wouldn't get if they purchased them from a retailer. 

Moreover, wholesalers provide further discounts per unit on purchasing in bulk as an incentive to their consumers. 

  1. Convenience

Wholesalers have links/outlets across the globe and at various locations. 

This implies that they can reach more consumers easily. 

In the case of lighting solutions, they have huge wholesale lighting warehouses to store a high quantity of products purchased from distributors

Thus, even if a consumer asks for a bulk quantity, the lighting and fixtures can be provided at their convenience.

  1. Product mix

Though it is evident that consumers get a higher price from wholesalers than from distributors, think of it in this way. 

Consumers can avail of multiple product ranges (fixtures, LED tubes, LED bulbs, commercial space lighting, parking lot lights, etc.), adding up to bulk. This further includes added discounts with easy access to the product range.

How to select the best wholesale distributor of LED lighting?

There are technological advancements every day, which means that you have a range to choose from. 

Now, when it comes to light bulbs, fixtures, and other lighting accessories, you may come across ample choices of wholesale light distributors. Hence, to make things easier, here are some filter points.

  1. Do they have what you are looking for?

This is the first step to finding an LED light distributor who have what you need. 

You should first note what lighting solutions you will need for your project and select the distributor that fits your needs. 

This shall be in terms of technology integration, efficiency, brightness, color temperature, purpose, price, etc.

  1. How do they ship their products?

Once you know what you want and the distributors' availability, examine how they deliver the wholesale lighting. Here, you should consider the cost of shipping and the time of delivery. 

You should also check the stock the wholesalers have to confirm the timely delivery of goods.

  1. What is the reputation of the company?

Check the years the company has been serving. This allows you to check online reviews for the same. Also, the reputation of a company is directly proportional to its evolution with technology and greater after-sales services.

Why is Beyond LED the most satisfactory wholesale lighting supplier?

It’s time to embrace the green revolution fashionably. LED lighting has evolved as an efficient, safe, eco-friendly, and cost-effective means of lighting solutions. Beyond LED Technology is a leading LED lighting distributor and supplier. The best part of buying wholesale LED lights from us is-

  1. You get the latest technology integrated lighting solutions
  2. 14+ years of business expertise
  3. Seamless warranty claims and 24 hours ticketing system
  4. Millions of items are available for immediate shipment
  5. Range of advanced lighting solutions for retail store lighting, outdoor signage lighting, parking lot lighting, warehouse and industrial lighting, commercial office lighting, hospitality lighting, and much more.

So get your wholesale lighting solutions today and avail immediate discounts.

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