A Complete Guide To Selecting Best Refrigerator Lighting

A Complete Guide To Selecting Best Refrigerator Lighting

“Super Savings Pack”, is what LEDs are known for. They have introduced ample advantages in every place including warehouses, retail stores, commercial spaces, supermarts, residential spaces, parking lots, street lamps, and much more. Light-emitting diodes illuminate every space with richness and sustainability with efficiency.

A lighting designer chooses best-fit lighting that creates proper contrast within the store. Now when the lighting is to be done for refrigerators, what type of refrigerator lighting should be chosen? What are the selection criteria for LED refrigeration lighting? Why is LED refrigerator lighting important in the first place?

Let’s get answers to these questions in this article.

Why is LED refrigerator lighting important?

The potential of LED cooler lights is mostly due to the sheer amount of energy savings for businesses. Additionally, the below-mentioned points will make it evident that refrigerator lighting is an important factor when it comes to enhancing aesthetics and making the business pocket-friendly.

  1. Power-saving solution

When producing the same (or more) light, refrigerated LEDs use less energy. In many supermarkets, lighting is a major expense, so a 38% or greater reduction in total energy costs is common. This can save a chain of stores hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

LEDs are cooler than traditional lights. This keeps fridges cooler and reduces mechanical strain. Overworking fridges increases ambient heat and HVAC costs.

  1. Reduced maintenance cost

Refrigerator lighting saves money on energy costs and maintenance. Ordinary bulbs burn out and need replacement constantly when they are kept on for longer hours. This isn't always convenient because it means opening cases around customers or working after hours.

LEDs have long lifespans and slowly dim instead of dying instantly. High-quality LEDs maintain 70% of their lumen output after 50,000 hours. You'll replace bulbs less often and won't have unprofessional-looking fridges with burned-out lights.

  1. Enhanced product appearance

Bright, uniform LED fridge lights make food look better. Attractive lighting highlights produce, meat, and other products. Fresh, appealing food builds customer confidence and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Some LEDs have lenses that diffuse the light from the separate LED diodes, reducing spots and reflections. Produce, prepared foods, and other merchandise look their best thanks to the LED's high CRI (90+).

  1. Quick ROI

Most grocery stores can recoup their LED refrigerator investment in just over two years due to reduced energy needs, maintenance costs, HVAC and refrigeration strain, and energy-efficient lighting rebates. Then it's savings. When your products are displayed in a clean, aesthetically pleasing light, customer satisfaction, and sales may increase.

What are the selection criteria for LED refrigeration lighting?

The choice of the right contrast for your commercial refrigeration lighting is directly proportional to the sales. Here is a checklist to choose the best LED refrigeration lighting and walk-in cooler lighting.

  1. Choose the right LED type

The selection of the right LED type is based on its features including–

  1. Color temperature (CCT)
  2. Color rendering index (CRI)
  3. Degree of protection (IP)
  4. Light power (W/m)
  5. Light efficiency (Im/W)
  6. Optical angle and light distribution

Moreover, this choice is also dependent on the location of the installment. For eg., LEDs with 170° opening optics are for vertical lighting; whereas, 90° for horizontal lighting.

  1. Selecting a suitable color temperature

Based on the application, the choice of color temperature is important.

Temperature (K)



Frozen products like fries, cheese balls, ice-creams, etc.


Dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and ready-to-eat dishes like packed fish, etc.


Bakery items, cheeses, and hot products.

Meat filter

Meats to bring out their freshness

  1. Uniformity of light and brightness

In the light sensation perceived by the human eye, uniformity is essential. Therefore, whenever possible, we must opt for the configuration that permits uniform distribution.

A dark-appearing cooler can sometimes result in unappetizing-looking products. Adding LED refrigeration lighting illuminates products with incredibly bright, crisp light to make them stand out on the shelf and boost sales.

When bright lighting shines on metallic canned beverages or iced products, the products sparkle more and stand out more to the customer on the shelf.

  1. Color Rendering Index

Compared to the lighting fixture's color temperature rating, the CRI rating for an LED light fixture is a scale that measures the light source's ability to accurately render all frequencies of its color spectrum. The LED cooler light is supposed to maintain a CRI above 80, which is exceptionally high for LED refrigeration fixtures. This ensures that products look great on the shelf and closely match their packaging branding.

  1. Specially designed optics

High-powered LED microchips and patented optics ensure that the light is directed precisely where it is needed. Specially designed optics disperse LED cooler light evenly so that your products stand out on the shelves. Left, Right, and Center LED cooler lights are designed as fixtures. The location of the cooler panels determines which optical fixture to purchase.

Beyond LED – Leading refrigerator LED light distributor

Total benefits of LED refrigeration lighting depend on the wholesaler of the lighting solutions. This boils down to the choice of a wholesaler that will not only enhance the looks of your store but will also boost your sales.

Beyond LED is a leading LED wholesaler and uses the latest technology in lighting solutions that brings great savings and efficiency to commercial spaces. Specifically for refrigerator lighting, Beyond LED brings power-packed four variants with the aforementioned benefits.

Product Name

Special Feature





V-shaped strip

Daisy chain

Built-in driver


100-277 Vac



Flexible lengths

IP65 rated

Built-in driver


100-277 Vac



V-shape design

Wider beam angle

Daisy chain


100-277 Vac



Built-in driver

Daisy chain

V-shaped design


100-277 Vac


So wait no further. Select a product from the range and elevate your sales

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