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A Guide To Commercial LED Lighting For 2023 [Facts + Checklist]

A Guide To Commercial LED Lighting For 2023 [Facts + Checklist]

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The office is a space where people work, brainstorm, ideate, conceptualize, and grow. A recent study by the American Society of Interior Design noted that 68% of employees complain about the lighting in the office.

Fact: The upgrade to proper lighting at a US post office in Reno, Nevada, in the late 1980s saved about $50,000 per year and increased employee productivity. In addition, employee productivity was expected to boost revenue by $500,000 annually.

With light being key to vision, and vision being 85% of our perception, it's important to consider its impact in working places. Commercial LED lighting designs are to be chosen to maintain the mood, energy level, and productivity of your team

This blog will elaborate on the importance of LED office light, its variables with a secret checklist, and its fascinating range at Beyond LED Technology - an office LED lighting wholesaler in the USA.

Why is commercial LED lighting important?

LED office lights impact on…

  1. Creativity

While brighter lighting may increase productivity, it has the opposite effect on creativity. According to a study, dimming the lights can stimulate creativity by fostering a sense of independence. Therefore, if you need to generate some ideas, warm, dim lighting is an excellent choice.

  1. Productivity

Proper lighting influences employee perception, mood, and performance. Poor lighting reduces productivity, according to studies. By using office LED lights that mimic natural light and have a high CRI, business owners improve employee productivity and create the ideal work environment. This is probably LED office lighting's biggest benefit.

  1. Health

Did you know that poor office lighting can have mental and physical consequences? Poor lighting has been shown to have a negative effect on our circadian rhythm (or internal clock), disrupt sleep cycles, and cause migraines and headaches in some individuals. Clearly, healthy LED office lighting is a worthwhile investment!

Hence, the best LED office lighting design is an important aspect.

What are the variables in office LED lighting?

Lighting an office space differs significantly from lighting a home. Here are a few variables to consider prior to installing office lighting:

  1. Color temperature

In homes, individuals favor lighting with a low color temperature. The result is a comfortable, warm, yellowish light, and inviting environment. However, in the workplace, productivity takes precedence over comfort.

Therefore, a high color temperature is preferable here. Always choose a neutral or cool white light for use in an office or workspace. Scientists have proven that people study and work more effectively in so-called hard, cool white light.

  1. Light diffusion:

Having dark, shadowy corners in your home can be very cozy. In contrast, an office space should be lit as uniformly as possible, without excessive light contrasts (shadows). This is why TL lamps are most commonly used in offices.

As a result, they do not cast light beams in shadowed regions. In practice, TL lighting produces a very diffuse and diffuse type of light. The term "spill light" is used to describe the diffuse type of lighting emanating from outside the light bundle. Thus, TL has a great deal of spill lighting.

  1. Light Lux

Lux is a term for light strength. The ideal light strength for different sections in the office is–

  1. A minimum of 200 Lux in cafeteria
  2. A minimum of 300 Lux in reception and study room
  3. A minimum of 500 Lux in the office area and meeting rooms
  4. A minimum of 750 Lux in the place where technical drawings are created.

Precision work (such as technical drawing) necessitates a greater light intensity than less taxing tasks for the eyes (e.g., in a cafeteria).

By selecting an appropriate light intensity, you ensure that your employees can work in comfort. A light intensity that is too low may cause unnecessary eye strain, which is even more tiring. In turn, this will have an effect on concentration and productivity.

Here’s a checklist for the best LED office lighting design

✅ Sufficient lighting in every nook and corner of the office

✅ No flicker and anti-glare lights in the workplace

✅ Optimize traditional bulbs with commercial LED lighting

✅ Consider commercial LED outdoor lighting

✅ Opt for pleasant and bright colors in highly active spaces

✅ Keep light intensity adjustable in rooms to save energy

Range of commercial LED lighting at Beyond LED Technology

Beyond LED Technology, which is a segment leader in Distributing commercial indoor and outdoor LED lights, the range of products in this segment is fascinating. Here are a few among the many.

Office LED Lighting


L20 | LED Commercial Downlight

  • Adjustable CCT by the click of a button
  • Perfect for ceilings up to 16 ft high
  • Integrated with heat sink
  • Best LED ceiling light for the office

Versaflex 1.2 | LED Commercial Downlight

  • Commercial LED office lighting (indoor)
  • Energy star certified
  • Equipped with separable J-box and trim
  • Comes with an optional retro kit and backup battery

Elite | LED Flat Panel Cloud Design

  • High efficiency
  • Uniform and glare-free illumination
  • Built-in earthquake clips
  • ETL and DLC certified

Tempe | LED Flat Panel

  • High efficiency
  • Uniform and glare-free illumination
  • Built-in earthquake clips
  • ETL and DLC certified

White Sky | LED Commercial-Grade Retrofit Downlights

  • Adjustable CCT
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Integral heat sink

Jet | LED Downlight

  • Compatible with IC and non-IC
  • Energy star qualified
  • Built-in driver with durable thermoplastic construction
  • Comes with E26 adapter

Element | LED Downlight

  • Energy star qualified
  • Compatible with IC and non-IC
  • Adjustable CCT
  • Made of durable thermoplastic material

PG | LED T5 Tube

  • Comes with glass housing
  • Inhibits yellowing and distortion
  • Uniform illumination
  • Shatter-proof

MR | LED T8 Glass Tube

  • Environment friendly
  • No mercury used
  • Instant start-up
  • Constructed with frosted lens
  • Non-isolated integral drivers
  • No flickering

Bell | LED T8 Glass Tube

  • Consist of two parts that combine in one tube
  • Assures current leakage protection
  • UL certified
  • Shatter-proof

Wrapping Up

The ultimate goal of commercial LED lighting is to ensure that productivity stays high and create a comfort zone for employees. Take care of the above points and mark the checklist before switching light options.

Are you looking for that level of productivity in your office?

Contact Beyond LED Technology today and get illuminating and productive solutions to derive the best LED office lighting design in one place.