Different Ways to Protect LED Outdoor Light

Different Ways to Protect LED Outdoor Light

Outdoor LED lighting is a great way to add charm and appeal to your home and commercial spaces. It not only adds a sense of security but also enhances the look of your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting comes in various forms, from string lights and fairy lights to solar lights and spotlights.

However, outdoor lighting equipment is often exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, heat, and cold, such lighting equipment is also vulnerable to water damage if not appropriately protected.

Outdoor lighting, especially LED outdoor lights bulbs, are an extremely valuable investment. By protecting them from the elements and keeping them free of dust and debris, you’re able to enjoy your lights for longer and get the most use out of each bulb.

5 Ways to Protect LED Outdoor Lights

If you have outdoor LED lights around your home or office premises, it’s important that you take measures to protect them from water damage or moisture. Here are some tips that will help you protect your outdoor LED lights from damage.

#1 Choose the Right Locations

There are a few different locations where you can place your lights to avoid issues.

  1. Place your LED lights near an entrance or exit of your property. This will help deter thieves, as well as keep unauthorized people out of the area.
  2. Choose a location near trees or other vegetation that can block sunlight from reaching the LEDs. Doing so will help preserve battery life and prevent corrosion.
  3. Install LED lights in areas that are typically shady or dark, like below decks or in basements. This will help increase visibility and cut down on energy costs associated with using less-efficient light bulbs outdoors.

#2 Keep Bugs Away

If you want to protect your outdoor LED lights from bugs, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Make sure that the lights are properly sealed and that they are not attracting bugs in the first place.
  2. Use bug repellent when necessary.
  3. Keep the light exposed to the sun as much as possible to avoid attracting bugs.
  4. If you notice that bugs are becoming a problem, install an insect screen or cover over your light.

#3 Install Light Shields

Light shields are a popular way to protect commercial LED outdoor lighting. They are made of materials such as acrylic or PVC and help diffuse the light and protect the LEDs from moisture and debris.

Light shields can also be painted to match the exterior of a building, making them an aesthetically pleasing choice. They are effective in protecting outdoor LED lights from both high- and low-intensity applications.

Apart from this, go for a trusted and reliable LED outdoor light distributor to avoid any kind of glitches.

#4 Use Outdoor-Rated Fixtures and Bulbs

Using outdoor-rated fixtures and bulbs is an essential part of protecting your lights. Outdoor-rated fixtures and bulbs are designed to withstand moisture, humidity, and extreme temperatures. This ensures that your LED outdoor lights will function properly over a wide range of conditions.

It's also important to choose outdoor LED lighting that is UL or ETL listed, which means it has been tested and certified for safety.

#5 Include Surge Protectors

LED outdoor lights are a popular choice for decorating homes, businesses, and public spaces. However, commercial LED outdoor lighting can be damaged by surges in electricity. To protect these lights, it is important to include surge protectors in your installation. Here are some tips on choosing the right one for your Outdoor LED Lights:

  • Choose a surge protector that is compatible with your LED light panel.
  • Be sure to read the product reviews before making a purchase.
  • Keep in mind that not all surge protectors protect all types of devices, so be sure to research which one will work best for your LED lights.
  • When installing the surge protector, be sure to orient it so that it covers all of the electrical cords going into your outdoor light panel.

Get The Best Light Outdoor Lights for All Your Need

There are various factors that can affect the life of outdoor lightings, such as weather, temperature, and so on. The good news is that there are many ways to protect your outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs, such as using light shields or installing outdoor-rated fixtures and bulbs. You can also use surge protectors or opt for LED lights to save on energy costs.

If you follow these tips, you can keep your LED outdoor lights in good shape for years to come but always make sure to choose the right outdoor lighting LED wholesaler for the best quality.

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