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How to choose LED Light color temperature for commercial space?

How to choose LED Light color temperature for commercial space?

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Color temperature is the color of light emitted by the opaque and non-reflective body. It has important applications in lighting solutions as they depict how much strain and heat the light will produce during illumination. It is measured in Kelvin. The higher the temperature value, the cooler the color will be.

I.e., the color temperatures over 5000K are called “cool colors," while the color temperatures between 2700-3000K are called “warm colors."

So, what do you think is the ideal temperature for commercial LED lighting?

Let’s get an answer to this question with reasons in this article.

What is the LED color temperature?

The LED color temperature describes the amount of blue or yellow tint to the white light. 

The human eye balances the different hues within these color temperature ranges and perceives them as white light. 

Only when two separate color sources are adjacent, they appear distinct to the eye. However, there are other noticeable distinctions between the different color temperatures in commercial LED lighting.

Why does the temperature of commercial LED lighting matter?

Color temperature is important in the lighting industry as it depicts the ambiance of the commercial space. 

The color of light directly impacts the mood and emotional impact of the room and visitors. It is even possible to design commercial space lighting. 

LEDs emit artistic colors and deliver ideal (natural) light.

Commercial spaces often look good with cool lighting or a mix of warm and cool lighting. This lighting style is believed to be cleaner and more commercial, which is why it is so common in industrial outdoor assets such as parking lots and garages. However, this can also be utilized for outdoor mood lighting in residential settings.

Temperature range for commercial LED outdoor lighting

  1. 2500K to 3000K

It illuminates cozy, warm light and produces an intimate and calming ambiance. 

They are not too harsh on the eyes but nevertheless provide sufficient illumination for everyone to move around safely and observe their surroundings. 

It's ideal for decorative outdoor lighting, outdoor living spaces, and outdoor entertainment areas. This LED temperature color range is also the best fit to lighten up flower gardens, stonework, fountains, etc. 

  1. 3100K to 4500K

It illuminates vibrant, bright light, clearing away shadows and magnifying the surroundings. 

This lighting is great for illuminating outdoor workshops, sheds, and stairwells. It motivates individuals to maintain vigilance and awareness of their environment. 

It is also an excellent color range for illuminating plants and other garden items.

  1. 4600K to 6500K

It illuminates the natural daylight or moonlight appearance in commercial space. 

It is clear, crisp, and focuses on details in every nook of the room. 

It is best suited for lightings like security outdoor lighting applications, lighting ponds or fountains, and spaces near garages. It embodies elegance and safe lighting.

Here’s a quick summary.

Type of light

Color temperature

Commercial illumination

Warm White

2500K - 3000K

Luxury clothing, shoes, home goods, and jewelry stores.
Coffee shops
Intimate restaurants
Waiting areas
Hotel lobbies

    Neutral White

    3100K - 4500K

    Office ceiling
    Meeting rooms
    Hotel bathrooms

      Cold White

      4600K - 6500K

      Commercial kitchens
      Surgery rooms
      High-tech stores


        Choosing your LED lighting

        You don’t have to choose just one color temperature to illuminate freshness in your commercial space. A combination of lighting works wonders. 

        For example, kitchens can benefit from a combination of lighting, such as cool or neutral white for work and preparation surfaces and warm white for ceiling lights or pendant lamps over counter seating. 

        With the flip of a switch, you can transform a bright, working kitchen into an intimate gathering space.

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