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How To Make Workplace Productive With Best Color Coding, WMS, And Best Warehouse Lighting?

How To Make Workplace Productive With Best Color Coding, WMS, And Best Warehouse Lighting?

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Warehouses are meant to be productive, and they are in fact over-productive on peak days. So, in order to maintain productivity, it is important to coordinate some important specifications within a warehouse. These specifications circle back to each day of work and radiate positivity at the workplace.

Warehouses are full of inventory and human force. Hence, notifying every inventory, maintenance of stock, ventilation, and derivation of human attention is a must. This is where the best warehouse lighting comes into the picture. The warehouse LED lights not only guide employees in the right direction but also nudge the exact location of inventory.

Additionally, there are multiple specifications, including the color of the warehouse, warehouse management system, warehouse lighting, etc., that add value to the warehouse. This blog will guide you through every productive aspect of warehouse systems.

#1 Color Coding Warehouse To Improve Efficiency

At every level of your operations, using a color-coding system in your facility can bring numerous benefits to your personnel. The add-on benefits of color coding are-

  1. Quick object recognition: Employees will learn the method quickly because the brain quickly links colors and items when a pattern is noticed; therefore, consistent rack arrangement is also vital.
  2. Meaningful colors: Red warehouse floor striping may indicate emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and other emergency response aids. Yellow indicates stairs, steps, and low-hanging overheads. Society has taught us that these hues indicate caution.
  3. Colors designate uses: Modern warehouse systems employ color to indicate item use. Receiving bins are blue, whereas customer racks are painted in their brand color (s). Color-coded maintenance and cleaning equipment can prevent contamination and misuse. This technology enables client, department, production stage, and other storage zone identification easy.

#2 Warehouse Management System To Increase Productivity

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) tackles managerial issues and creates a trustworthy, real-time warehouse environment. The add-on benefits of WMS are-

  1. Inventory control and management: A Warehouse Management System reduces inventory, improves order fulfillment, and shortens order cycle time. WMS helps you track every unit for better order fulfillment and inventory accuracy.
  2. Customer service and tracking: Your warehouse affects clients' purchase experience. Good customer service requires checking inventories and delivering orders. WMS enhances picking accuracy for first-time orders. WMS automates shipping tracking and organization. Tracking worker assignments, shipping routes, and putaway is easy.
  3. Return on investment: The appropriate Warehouse Management System helps boost sales and profitability by selling faster, more accurately, and to happier customers. Your staff can pick and get more products faster and with fewer errors. Precision cuts customer inquiries and simplifies service.

#3 The Best Warehouse Lighting For Better Health & Illumination

The best warehouse lighting is vital to your business's operations as a whole. This may sound like a bold assertion, but it is true. Having the ideal LED lighting system for a warehouse can increase overall safety, increase business productivity, and produce a variety of additional positive consequences.

The add-on benefits of best warehouse lighting are-

    1. Improved house and safety: Warehouse workers often operate heavy equipment. You need good lighting so they can accomplish this securely. When handling dangerous machinery, proper warehouse lighting lets them see and lets others know. Unlit warehouses increase accident risk. 

Heavy machinery accidents cause scratches and bruises. Depending on the severity, they could cause limb loss or death. Warehouse LED lights, thus, save lives.

  1. Increased productivity: Both, too little and too much light can be uncomfortable for workers. Certain jobs are highly irritating when vision is lacking. In contrast, with adequate lighting, operators can focus on their tasks and be more precise.
  2. Modern technology: LEDs are smart! Technology elements that adjust to space use can increase energy savings. Occupancy sensors activate lights when needed. A huge warehouse can benefit from that. LEDs turn on quickly and turn off after a defined amount of inactivity since they don't need to warm up or re-strike.
  3. Durability: A warehouse is a harsh workplace with continuous use of heavy machinery. In contrast to their incandescent and fluorescent cousins, LEDs can withstand the abuse of a busy workplace. It is less likely that an accident will render an LED fixture inoperable because they are far more difficult to shatter or break.

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