Importance Of Unique Hotel LED Lights In 2022

Importance Of Unique Hotel LED Lights In 2022

Hospitality is an industry that is mainly concerned about customer experience. The creation of the right ambiance and aesthetic features all around the hotel is the key to providing a memorable experience to visitors. Now the question is, how can that be done?

What if providing the right and bright lighting is key?

Hotel LED lights reflect space, aura, intricate design, luxurious style, and authenticity. Lighting design plays a key role here, which includes playing with different temperatures of LED lights and highlighting every nook and cranny of it. 

In this blog, we shall look at reasons why hotel LED lights are important and a range of hospitality lighting that is available at the leading LED hospitality lighting distributor- Beyond LED.

So, let’s get started!

4 Reasons Why Hotel LED Lights Are Important

  • Resonating with vibe

Every hotel aims to engage guests in a special experience. They may want to indulge visitors in elegance, sophistication, create a rock-n-roll vibe, or a cozy one. Right from the lobby, the brand's identity can be seen.

  • A space full of natural hotel LED light reflects a sense of excitement.
  • A space illuminated with bright colors reflects a youthful and energetic vibe.
  • A space with cool and sophisticated lights reflects professionalism.
  • A space with mild and dim lights reflects a cozy and comfortable vibe.

Moreover, every segment of a hotel implies different usage, e.g., the lobby for welcoming, the ballroom for multiple functions like a wedding reception, large meetings, trade shows, etc. Hence, unique LED hospitality lighting will serve the purpose. 

  • Guiding guests through the hotel

Guests usually tend to arrive in a tired mood, and all they want is an easy check-in process and room allocation. 

When it comes to big hotels with big lobbies, it becomes important that hotel LED lights guide them and depicting comfort all along. It may negatively affect the brand's image if illuminated poorly. 

Lighting in public areas like lobbies, hallways, recreation centers, and dining rooms should help guests find their way around and see where they can get the services they need or just relax and enjoy the space.

  • Making rooms ergonomic

All guests can expect a comfortable bathroom, bed, and other personal amenities. 

LED lighting for hotels should be intuitive such that guests can figure out their own way just by entering the room. The design can be made elegant by highlighting corners that expand room space. 

Many hotels are even embracing technology and putting in ways for guests to control the lighting in their rooms with their smartphones. 

This saves guests time from having to look for the light switch. These details help make the room feel modern and up-to-date.

Pro tip: A mild light at the bedside allows bedtime readers' comfort without disturbing others' sleep at night.

  • Shaping the perspective of guests

A lot of light can make a room seem bigger than it is, which keeps a small space from feeling too crowded. Bringing in natural light or making it look like natural light can help a room feel bigger.

Well-designed hallway lighting can also make a corridor feel taller for a more elegant look or shorter for tired guests who have a long walk from the elevator to their room. Indirect lighting can make guests think that ceilings are higher than they are, and strategically placed spots of light can change how we see distance.

Top 5 LED Hospitality Lighting At Beyond LED

  • Pixel Square | LED Designer Troffers

These are indoor hotel LED light fixtures that are mounted on the ceiling. These fixtures are energy efficient and provide maximum brightness.

  • Geometric | LED Grid Panels

It reflects aesthetic, unique, and efficient lighting with bright illumination. They can be installed within the ceilings in hallways, reception, etc.

  • CRISP | LED Linkable Strip Fixture Light

It illuminates bright light with much more power efficiency. It can be fixed anywhere, e.g., in rooms with spacious architecture, reception for its special brightness, etc.

These come with a traditional lamp shape coupled with a high-powered, energy-efficient, and perfect optic design. These can be employed in dinners, gardens, galleries, rooms, etc.

  • BELL

It is a revolutionary product with shatter-proofing and has full glass housing inhibition of yellow light. It can be used in passageways, storerooms, gardens, etc.

This mini wall pack is the most unique product that minimizes energy usage while maximizing directed light distribution and eliminates any upward illumination. It can be employed in parking lots, passageways, hallways, outside the hotel, etc.

It comes with a water-light seal that is suitable for outdoor applications. They have an aluminum housing with a perfect optic design for uniform light distribution. These can be employed in dinners, gardens, etc.

  • PG | LED T5 Tube

These are energy-efficient lights that can be installed by bypassing existing fluorescent ballasts, and hard-wiring tombstone lamp holders directly into AC power leads. It can be used to illuminate hotel rooms, kitchens, reception, etc.

This lighting solution is environment friendly and starts immediately after turning the switch on and instantly saves energy. It can be used under reception tables, dining halls, passages, etc.

Wrapping Up

Building a recognizable brand and providing a memorable stay is essential to the success of any hotel, from the richest of resorts to the smallest of boutique inns. The hotel's architecture and character can only be fully realized with the help of a well-planned, cutting-edge hospitality LED lighting design.

Beyond LED Technology is a leading LED hospitality lighting distributor that provides energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and aesthetically designed products at your fingertips. Besides the range mentioned above, there are other LED lights for hotels available, like the i9 premium LED area light, the LED mini wall pack, and much more.

So wait no more. Scroll through our website to find magnificent lighting solutions for the dashing looks of your hotel!

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