LED Panel Lights For Your Business

LED Panel Lights For Your Business

Is your business still shying away from using LED lights? Traditional lighting at the workplace might create unpleasant working conditions including headaches and eye strain to your staff. Lighting affects the performance of your staff more than you think.

A simple solution for this lighting dilemma is to replace your traditional lighting into LED Panel Lights. A modern makeover will not only improve the aesthetics of your office but it will also provide a more comfortable working atmosphere for your staff.

Our LED Light Panel fixtures are perfect to light up offices, warehouses, hospitals, department stores, and even home basements.

Cut Down Your Expenses

Beyond LED Technology‘s Panel Lights, can last an amazing 50,000 hours and they only use a fraction of the power. Using these eco-friendly lights will save your money on energy costs and they will also cut down your expenses in maintenance cost.

Our Panel Lights are certified by the Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) and Design Lights Consortium (DLC). This means they have been tested for their performance, efficiency and they meet the standards and qualify for rebates.

Better Light Quality

Unlike fluorescent lighting which takes time to warm up, panel lights reach full brightness instantly with no flickering or humming. The lights come with an efficiency of 110 lumens per watt and have a range of color temperatures.

The color temperatures of LED lights are measured in Kelvin and the variance in shades can affect the ambiance of your workplace.

Our LED panel lights range from 4000K-5000K Correlated Color Temperature (CCT).

4000K – is ideal for offices, retail outlets, kitchens, and libraries as it falls between the warm white and the cool white spectrum which will help reducing eye strain and fatigue.

5000K – similar to daylight, this CCT is ideal for locations such as hospitals, warehouses, and auditoriums. It creates the impression of daylight and increases visibility and alertness.

Installing Options

With the ultra-slim and light-weight design, the panels can be installed in several ways.

You can: Replace current fixtures, Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount or use as Pendant Lighting

These fixtures are rated for indoor usage, therefore, installation in areas where moisture or water would be present should be avoided.

LED Panel lights are eco-friendly, saves energy, saves money and have no toxic mercury. So why wait to make the switch?

Contact Us if you have any questions about our LED light products or about selecting the correct color temperature for your business.

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