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UL, ETL & DLC: All About Certifications

UL, ETL & DLC: All About Certifications

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If you have browsed our amazing products at Beyond LED Technology, you might have noticed UL, ETL or DLC certifications on the products. We aim at developing LED lights that are not only of high-quality but we ensure that they are safe to use as well. 

It is not necessary for products to have all these certifications on them. Even a single certification confirms that the product has been tested for safety at a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)

What do these certifications actually stand for?

What is UL Listed?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, it is a non-profit organization founded over 100 years ago. The laboratories conduct safety testing for over 18,000 categories ranging from electrical, mechanical to chemical products. 

Once a certification is issued, unannounced visits to the distributors from UL representatives will take place to evaluate the certified products. They also determine if the safety standards are maintained by the distributor. The UL listing can be withdrawn if the product quality does not meet the requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories.   

The above marks show that the product was tested for electrical and fire risks and other hazards. A UL certification can be listed for three location categories: 

Dry Locations

These are indoor areas that do not have any direct contact with water. Temporary exposure to dampness is acceptable as long as moisture does not get accumulated on the product. Some examples of dry locations are:  Bedrooms, Lounge, Kitchen 

Damp Locations

Indoor and Outdoor areas that are not in direct contact with water but can be subjected to condensation of moisture. For example, bathroom ceilings and pool areas are some areas where lights and fixtures may get exposed to moisture in the form of condensation or steam. 

Wet Locations

Interior or exterior locations in which water or other liquids may drip, splash or flow on or against the electrical components of a lighting fixture. Outdoor locations can include patios, gazebos and exterior walls etc. Shower enclosures can be  included as interior wet locations. 

What is ETL?

Intertek’s Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) is another Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory by OSHA. With over 1000 laboratories in 100 countries, ETL is a common mark for lighting products. Like UL, unannounced visits to distributors are performed by ETL as well. 

What is DLC?

The Design Lights Consortium is a non-profit organization that issue DLC certification to LED Technology where three critical areas for lighting products should meet with their performance standards. 

  • Distribution
  • Colour
  • Longevity 

DLC lighting requirements can only be tested at a recognized laboratory and the distributor must submit the test results to the DLC. 

Product Safety & Quality 

Having UL, ETL or DLC certifications are a sign of product safety. When shopping for LED lights or accessories, make sure to look for these marks. You can rest assured that there will be no safety issues at your home or office if these certifications are present.