ZION | LED Semi Cut-off Wall Pack - A Perfect Outdoor Lighting Solution

ZION | LED Semi Cut-off Wall Pack - A Perfect Outdoor Lighting Solution

Outdoor LED lights with bright illumination impact the appearance, functionality, appeal, and safety of the visitors. Whether it be a commercial, industrial, or residential area, a visitor is attracted by the feel of outdoor lights. A perfect and uniform light distribution suggests that the place is safe and can be stepped into.

One such solution to LED light for outdoor illumination is the ZION | LED Semi Cut-off Wall Pack by Beyond LED. These lights distribute glare evenly and sufficiently to lighten spaces. They provide a range of beam angles to radiate the place. This pack is perfect for illuminating medium-sized spaces because the light distribution is close to where the lamp will be placed.

Before moving any further, let's understand what semi-cut-off means and how it is different from full-cut-off lights.

Full Cut-Off Wall Pack

Semi Cut-Off Wall Pack

At night, all the lights are illuminated in a downward direction and comply with glare requirements of between 80 and 90 degrees.

At night, the lights are illuminated in both - upward and downward directions.

There is no upward light.

There is upward light.

It is used in a narrow passage, for decoration, or as a security light.

It is used for broad streets, entrances, walkways, parking lots, schools, warehouses, etc. 

Specifications of ZION | LED Semi-Cut-off Wall Pack

The most innovative technology of semi-cut-off wall packs comes with a range of specifications, making them a great choice for commercial, industrial, or residential spaces. 

  1. Highly efficient 2835 / 3030 chips
  2. 110 / 120 lumens per watt
  3. Adjustable CCT and wattage
  4. Built-in photocell
  5. Durable die-cast aluminum housing with dark bronze powder coat finish
  6. Water-tight seal
  7. Universal 120-277 Vac
  8. 0-10 V dimming
  9. UL & DLC listed
  10. 5 years of product warranty

Beyond LED Technology’s, variants of ZION | LED Semi Cut-off Wall Pack 


Semi Cut-Off Wall Pack

Semi Cut-Off Wall Pack

Full Cut-Off Wall Pack





CCT Adjustments





120-277 V

120-277 V

120-277 V






Applications of the ZION | LED Semi Cut-off Wall Pack

1. Industrial LED Outdoor Light

These are excellent lighting solutions for industrial spaces due to their ability to strike a stable and comfortable light. Their downward and forward glares are useful for lighting the surrounding area of the enterprise. For the protection and safety of their employees and property at night, industrial facilities unquestionably need adequate exterior illumination.

As a result, the semi-cutoff wall lights offer adequate lighting for the pathways leading to the facility and around it. It provides a secure exit and entrance for anyone entering and exiting the building.

2. Outdoor LED Outdoor Light

Their popularity in houses is a result of their capacity to combine security and charm in just the right amounts. You must give the outdoor illumination the same consideration you give the internal areas, whether you live with your family or alone. With outside installation, these lights offer better nighttime visibility.

As a result, you won't have to be concerned about tripping over something or getting lost on the walk to the front door.

3. Commercial LED Outdoor Light

They are widely used in hotels and other commercial structures. Visitors need a peaceful and quiet place by the time they are traveling to a hotel. The use of semi-cutoff wall lights is the best technique to provide this from the outside. 

The building's image is best served by a pleasing exterior, which sets it apart from the nearby businesses. This ultimately attracts more customers and offers them a sense of security and comfort.

Wrapping Up

The best alternative for outdoor LED lights is Beyond LED Technology’s ZION | LED Semi Cut-off Wall Pack. It is energy efficient and has a built-in photocell. They come with die-cast aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses to stand up for many years, even in extreme climatic conditions. 

Beyond LED Technology is a leading outdoor lighting distributor. It has been evolving with the latest technology and integrating it with lighting solutions. If you find this article useful and choose to select the best-in-class ZION | LED Semi Cut-off Wall Pack, visit our online store at beyondledtechnology.com and select a lighting solution for your commercial or residential space.

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